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Looking for ways to reduce your lighting costs? Worried about your carbon reduction targets? Install LED lighting in your warehouse or industrial buildings for a brighter future.


LED lighting could have been invented a business such as yours. There are so many advantages to this type of lighting that it’s not surprising we’re installing LED lighting systems in warehouses and industrial premises across the country. It’s easy to install or retrofit LED lights with minimal disruption and once in use, you can rely on effective, directed lighting, and watch your operating costs go down.

Why Choose LED Lighting?

Warehouses, logistics and distribution centres enjoy a significant decrease in energy costs after the installation of LED lighting. Typically, an LED lighting system will reduce lighting costs by between 70% and 80% and provide a better, safer working environment.

Advantages of LED Lighting

Where to Install LED Lighting?

LED lighting is particularly useful for production lines because it offers direct, targeted light which ensures a comfortable working environment. Installation is straightforward and can be zoned so there’s minimal disruption to a 24 hour production line. Another advantage of LED lighting is that it generates very little heat so it can be used in warehouses where sensitive products are stored.

LED lighting is ideal for

CWS has installed LED lighting in new and existing premises with floor areas of up to 1m square metres.

Contact CWS on 01949 358 758 to discuss the benefits of replacing your current lighting system with LED lighting.