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Need to move goods or products vertically in your warehouse, but short of space? Bridge the gap and improve your operational efficiency with a goods lift from Complete Warehouse Services.

A free standing goods lift could be the ideal solution to move a range of products from top to bottom, or between floors of your warehouse or production areas. Goods lifts installed by CWS do not need special building works and planning is rarely an issue. There’s a range of fixing methods and a separate machine room is not necessary.

The advantages of a goods lift from CWS

Goods Lifts Have A Range of Uses

Businesses that need to move goods between floors in a building should consider having a goods lifts installed. They’re easy and quick to install, safe to use, increase efficiency.

Goods lifts are ideal for

Contact CWS on 01949 358 758 to discuss how installing a goods lift could improve movement of products within your building.