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Does your workplace have multiple floors meaning time and effort is regularly wasted with workers going up and down stairs? A passenger lift from CWS is the perfect solution.


Passenger lifts are valuable in any workplace that has multiple floors. Providing you with the most straightforward way of getting people from one floor to another, they are essential for saving time and effort. Once installed, they require minimal effort to operate and are quicker and safer than requiring workers to use stairs, particularly if they often have to transport trolleys or other items between floors.

Advantages of CWS passenger lifts

Elevate Your Business

Passenger lifts are perfect for businesses that operate over multiple floors where the constant use of stairs would be impractical, time consuming and tiring for workers. Providing the option of carrying 30+ persons, or workers transporting goods, passenger lifts can become a valuable part of your workplace.

CWS passenger lifts are ideal for

To discuss the benefits of having a passenger lift installed at your premises, or if you have any queries you would like answered, contact CWS on 01949 358 758 today. One of our team will be on hand to give you the advice you need to make improvements to your business.