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Geist Europe Ltd

Goods Only Lift

Geist Europe Ltd were introduced to Complete Warehouse Services back in 2015 by one of their trade partners. The project scope was to supply and install a Goods Only Lift in Geist’s main assembly warehouse in Taunton, Somerset.

Once an order was placed with Complete Warehouse Services for the goods lift, it became evident that additional, remedial mezzanine works were needed.

A separate order was then placed with CWS to cut a hole in the mezzanine for the lift shaft to pass through and to construct a perimeter mesh fencing structure stretching 40m around the floor edge.

“After a successful first project, we approached CWS again in 2017 to integrate a second goods lift. The commissioning and hand over of this project was completed in February 2018. CWS customer interaction and support has been outstanding, especially given the logistical challenges we often face because of working in the far south west corner of the UK. They truly are a nationwide, turnkey warehouse project provider.”

Mike Sharpe – Operations Director

Stoneacre, Doncaster

Vertical Carousel

Stoneacre, a well-known motor dealer operating in Doncaster, approached Complete Warehouse Services and asked them to propose how best to create new storage locations in their parts hub centre. Their parts hub had been such a success that they had outgrown the centre within just 5 years. This made it necessary to stock more parts to satisfy the growth in parts turnover to an increased number of dealerships and customers.

The idea was to use a vertical carousel to absorb the smaller, faster moving parts stored within plastic shelf bins. A carousel is excellent for storing small to medium sized parts; in this case, the carousel absorbed 1,131 existing sub-dividable plastic containers which moved approximately 3,400 parts lines from the existing shelving system into the carousel.

The introduction of this carousel when loaded made approximately 190 of Stoneacre’s pre-existing shelves available for new parts being brought in to service their customer base.

“Complete Warehouse Services ensured that this work was carried out with minimal disruption on-site and completed installation in only 4/5 days.”

Mark Lunn, Stoneacre Motor Group

Steelite International PLC

Conveyor and Racking

Steelite International PLC approached Complete Warehouse Services and others when they acquired a new, ready-to-occupy warehouse near their main factory in Stoke-on-Trent.

Complete Warehouse Services were asked by Steelite to provide a quote for their conveyor and racking requirements in their new warehouse.

After receiving several competitive quotes, Steelite chose to entrust CWS with this vital work because of the high level of service they provide. They were also persuaded by the competitive pricing and because CWS have a proven track record of expertise with both conveyors as well as racking systems. The conveyor system provides the material handling in the new warehouse to five operators in the packing area.

The conveyors are a mix of powered conveyors, gravity conveyors and ground-mounted pallet live systems.

The racking was a conventional wide aisle installation. CWS future-proofed the design by building in the ability to extend the frame heights by splicing uprights at a later date. This will create even more pallet spaces. The racking installation provides storage for approximately 2,000 standard UK pallets.

Steelite invested heavily in their new warehouse and this has allowed them to expand their packing and bulk storage operations. Steelite has been able to increase their throughput significantly as well as their capacity to store finished goods ready for their customers.

John Lewis, Engineering and Projects