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Want to increase your pallet racking to maximise your warehouse space? Convinced you’re stuck with your storage system? Rack up your business with CWS.

There’s an art to storing products on pallets. But finding the right type of system and making the most of every section of your warehouse isn’t always easy. That’s why CWS offers an integrated pallet racking service. Using 3-D modelling shows you how to increase the number of pallets you can store while still accessing them easily and safely. Having made your choice, CWS will install the racks with minimum disruption and, when appropriate, service them.

Advantages in choosing pallet racking from CWS

Pallet Racking Increases Productivity

A well thought through pallet racking system pays for itself. Whatever type of product you store, there’s a system which is ideal for your business.

Pallet racking installed by CWS is ideal for

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