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Looking to increase your working area and better utilise the space available to you? Workbenches can help you make the most of your premises.

make the most of your premises.

Workbenches from CWS allow you to significantly increase the working space you have available. Providing the facilities for picking, packing, loading, unloading and more, workbenches are a simple way to expand your production capabilities and put your premises to better use. Available for integration with existing systems such as conveyors or as standalone work stations, workbenches from CWS have a variety of uses that make them suitable for a wide range of needs.

Advantages of CWS workbenches

Transform Wasted Space

Space in warehouses often comes at a premium yet too often it is under-used. The large size and complex nature of production in warehouses regularly acts as barriers to using warehouse space effectively. Workbenches are a simple, affordable and effective way of putting your space to better use, especially when combined with conveyor systems.

CWS workbenches are ideal for

To discuss how workbenches could increase your working space and improve your production, contact CWS today on 01949 358 758